Congratulations! Here's How to Claim Your Continuity Bundle!

Note: We are NOT using Circle as we have in the past for this. You do not need a Circle account and we have completely transitioned off the platform. 

#1 VIP Group

If you have an active VIP account, do nothing. We will update your billing within 14 days and apply a freeze on payments for 12 months. You will have your current rate locked in after the 1 year. 

If you do NOT have an active VIP account, sign up through the link below  This will give you access for 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase. Your license will renew at the rate of $99 per month thereafter. If you have a grandfathered rate, that will be adjusted for you as well. 

#2 Suspension Support - Complete this brief onboarding form (3 questions). In the event that you become suspended, contact Chris@Cleartheshelf.com and we will get your support started.

#3 IP Alert [Redacted, See purchase email]

#4 100 X-Paths- [Redacted, See purchase email]

#5 90 Day Voxer Access- Install Voxer on your mobile device and send a message to cleartheshelf.

#6 OA Hunt Leads - These start going out AFTER the continuity bundle offer window has expired (Monday February 9th). You'll receive an email with more information so stay tuned for that. 

#7 VA Placement - You can get started at any time here

#8 30% off Hustle Buddies Courses - You can purchase any Hustle Buddies training programs for 30% off with code CONTINUITY30 at checkout. 

#9 ASIN Gadget Basic

You will receive an email from Derek Lee with access within the next week.

#10 OA Buddy [Redacted, See purchase email]

ALL Courses

You will receive an email from wordpress@oachallenge.com. This email could take up to 24 hours to arrive (so sorry for that!)

The email will look like this. 

It will provide a user name and password. 


Keepa Academy and the OA Challenge Replays are available instantly. Tactical Academy is a "drip-fed" course that will provide one lesson per day as soon as you start the program. You will have an email with login information for the programs.