Congratulations! Here's How to Claim Your Continuity Bundle!

Note: We are NOT using Circle as we have in the past for this. You do not need a Circle account and we have completely transitioned off the platform. 

#1 VIP Group

If you have an active VIP account, do nothing. We will update your billing within 14 days and apply a freeze on payments for 12 months. You will have your current rate locked in after the 1 year. 

If you do NOT have an active VIP account, sign up through the link below  This will give you access for 1 year (12 months) from the date of purchase. Your license will renew at the rate of $99 per month thereafter. If you have a grandfathered rate, that will be adjusted for you as well. 

#2 Suspension Support - Complete this brief onboarding form (3 questions). In the event that you become suspended, contact and we will get your support started.

#3 IP Alert [Redacted, See purchase email]

#4 100 X-Paths- [Redacted, See purchase email]

#5 90 Day Voxer Access- Install Voxer on your mobile device and send a message to cleartheshelf.

#6 OA Hunt Leads - These start going out AFTER the continuity bundle offer window has expired (Monday February 9th). You'll receive an email with more information so stay tuned for that. 

#7 VA Placement - You can get started at any time here

#8 30% off Hustle Buddies Courses - You can purchase any Hustle Buddies training programs for 30% off with code CONTINUITY30 at checkout. 

#9 ASIN Gadget Basic

You will receive an email from Derek Lee with access within the next week.

#10 OA Buddy [Redacted, See purchase email]

ALL Courses

You will receive an email from This email could take up to 24 hours to arrive (so sorry for that!)

The email will look like this. 

It will provide a user name and password. 


Keepa Academy and the OA Challenge Replays are available instantly. Tactical Academy is a "drip-fed" course that will provide one lesson per day as soon as you start the program. You will have an email with login information for the programs.