These 8 Tools Will Help You Get More Out of Tactical Arbitrage

April 21

I've written about how Amazon sellers should be using Tactical Arbitrage to find more product leads. This post is for those of you who took the leap and started using Tactical Arbitrage and are looking to kick your product sourcing up a notch. 

Tactical Expander Lite

Tactical Expander Lite

Tactical Expander (previously known as Storefront Stalker Pro) is a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly export thousands of ASINs into a .CSV to then reverse search on Tactical Arbitrage. 

It works on ANY Amazon page whether it's a search, filters or a specific competitor's storefront.

Tactical Expander Lite works on all Amazon marketplaces and directly integrates with Tactical Arbitrage.

Storefront Stalker Pro Flow

As the creator of Tactical Expander Lite we have already written a comprehensive how to guide.  

Tactical Expander Lite costs $149 for a lifetime license and includes a 30 day money back guarantee so you have risk in trying it out.

Learn More about Tactical Expander Lite

Tactical Expander

Tactical Expander is the upgrade to Tactical Expander Lite. It features everything from the Lite version but also adds 280+ new sites to Tactical Arbitrage to look up items on. 

These sites are not scannable in Tactical Arbitrage without Tactical Expander giving you a sourcing advantage over your competition. 

Tactical Expander Demo

New sites are added weekly for additional places to source. Just like the Lite version Tactical Expander includes a 30 day money back guarantee. The lifetime license is $497.

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Tactical Bucket

Tactical Bucket Logo

This is by far the most advanced program that can help you get more out of Tactical Arbitrage in about a dozen different ways. It's not for the faint of heart, but if you know what you're doing, Tactical Bucket is like jet fuel to your product sourcing.

  • Create Large Bulk Lists, Lightning Fast
  • Broad Selection of Product Search Xpaths
  • Private XPATHs to Add to Your Own Tactical Arbitrage Account with One click
  • Exclusive & Wholesale Xpaths (Scan Sites That Require a Log-in)
  • Multi-Store Bulk List Generator
  • Find New Sources for Your Favorite Niches with a Few Clicks
  • Instant Download of Top 500K ASINS in Each Category
  • Download Up to 25,000 ASINs from Storefronts
  • Top Rated Sellers Rankings
  • Customizable Discount list Based on Your Sourcing Preferences

Tactical Bucket is a "if you know, you know" type of product. If you're new to online arbitrage or Tactical Arbitrage, the bullet points above won't mean that much but you owe it to yourself to check out Tactical Bucket once you're ready to take your sourcing to the next level.

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IP Alert

No email subject makes a Amazon sellers heart drop like "Your Amazon.com Selling Account". That's the subject line for a Account Health Policy Violation. Amazon is not happy with you.

IP Claims

The biggest source of this risk to your Amazon business comes from brands who send out inauthentic complaints or Intellectual Property complaints to Amazon. 

The brands will claim you infringed on their IP or you are selling fakes, and despite not being true, it can put your account at risk.

That's why we made the IP Alert Google Chrome Extension. This extension will alert you when brands we have identified as problematic come up in your Tactical Arbitrage search results. 

IP Alert also notifies you when you view a product page on Amazon that is from a brand known to file claims.

Getting suspended can cost you thousands of dollars in lawyer fees and you may still never get your account, money or product back. With IP Alert you can avoid some of that risk for only $99 for lifetime access!

Learn More About IP Alert


In the "Simple Yet POWERFUL" category of Tactical Arbitrage tools is RevROI. It's a Chrome extension that puts all the best cashback websites and discount gift card websites at your fingertips. 

With this extension you can go to any site you are buying from and with one click find the cashback website with the best value.

Ready to check out? Don't forget to check RevROI for discount gift cards to save even more on your checkout.

I often save 10+% on giftcards and then get 10+% back in cashback.

At $5 per month this extension pays for itself on your first small buy and from there is just money in the bank.

Learn More About RevROI

BuyBot Pro

BuyBotPro adds so much to your Tactical Arbitrage work that it is hard to explain it in just a few sentences. 

BuyBotPro takes all the data for historic sales charts, BSR, etc and runs it through an algorithm based on your settings. Then it recommends (or not) not only whether you should buy the item based on your preferences, but also how many units of the item you should buy. 

But it does so much more:

  • Checks Restrictions
  • Checks Hazmat
  • Checks if Private Label
  • Analyzes your competition (FBA, MF, & AMZ)
  • Enters the purchase into your buy sheet automatically
  • Sales Estimator
  • Variation viewer
  • Virtual Assistant monitoring
  • Mobile App with all features included
  • So Much More!

BuyBotPro does all this for only $34.95 a month and has a 14 day money back guarantee. We think it's one of the most exciting new Arbitrage tools to come onto the market in years and recommend it highly!

Learn More About BuyBotPro

Keepa (Paid Plan)

Whether doing Online or Retail Arbitrage Keepa is one of the most important tools in a Amazon Arbitrager's toolkit. 

With a free plan you can see price history on Keepa charts but with a paid plan you can see so much more. 

You can see the sales rank history, the offer count history, review counts and so much more.

Current sales rank is but a snapshot in time, but with sales rank history and offer count you can actively understand how well something sells.

You can also track product price changes and see what the buybox was on a given day (if there was one).

For only €19 a month you get access to all that data and a slew of other data manipulation tools on the Keepa website where you can upload Tactical Arbitrage .CSVs in bulk.

Learn More About Keepa (Paid)

Tactical Search Engine

Tactical Search Engine

This is one of my creations. 

When running a product search on Tactical Arbitrage, it's best to have an "entry point." 

Great entry points have these two things. First, they should be time sensitive such as a flash sale, holiday sale or some other limited time promotion. This will help you dodge the dreaded race to the bottom. 

Secondly, you want to find an entry point that has a discount that you can easily input into your source price adjustments. 

For example, a weekend BOGO offer on electronics at BestBuy.com would fit both criteria. You'd input "25%" into your source price adjustments (50% divided evenly across 2 products) and you'd see if there are any items that are now profitable with that discount in mind. Of course, remember that the deal in this case would apply to pairs. Read the terms of the sale of course before going in too deep. 

Tactical Search Engine allows us to easily find these points of entry. It is a Google search engine that ONLY searches Tactical Arbitrage supported websites. The only exception will be the generic ads on the top that we can't remove for compliance reasons (those aren't always supported sites). 

So, typing in the term, "weekend BOGO" would show any results of Tactical Arbitrage supported websites that have pages that include these terms (or some of them). 

Tactical Search Engine Demo

Oh, and it's free 🙂

Learn More About Tactical Search Engine (Free)

There you have it, a bunch of tools that go beyond Jungle Scout and its alternatives that get way more attention online!