Stop Wasting Money on Amazon Leads That Don't Sell. Let Us Review Them for You!

Sourcing high quality leads on Amazon is hard. We help you avoid costly mistakes and help you make buys with confidence.

We analyze each lead to ensure that it will sell as expected. 

Request video explanations for reviews. 

Fast turnaround. (24 hour turnaround Monday through Frida).

Why Choose AMZ Lead Checker?

Stop Making Costly Mistakes

Buying products that don't sell like you expected ties up capital and slows your business growth (and can even put you in the red). We help you avoid that. 

Learn from Your Mistakes

We learned the hard way (buying items that tanked or didn't sell like expected) and you can learn without going through that. 

Buy with Confidence

Stop losing sleep over your big purchases. We help provide the intel that makes you feel good about your decisions. 

What We Check For

Each lead we review goes through a systematic review that covers all key aspects of sourcing.

Estimated Sales Velocity

Will the item sell as much as you expect? We consider factors like current competition, price points and seasonality.

Product Match 

Does the ASIN match the product from the buy source perfectly? We review things like multi-packs, condition, size and color variations and more.

Estimated Sales Price

Will the item sell at the price that you expect it to?  Often times, the estimated buy box price is misinterpreted and that leads to slow moving inventory or lower profit margins than expected.

Quantity Suggestions

How many of a product should you actually purchase? Getting the quantity wrong can lead to wasted cash and long term storage fees.

IP Risk

Does the brand of the product file intellectual property claims against 3rd part sellers. We run each ASIN through our IP claims database to verify as accurately as possible if a brand is filing complaints or not to keep your account safe.

New Issues

Is there anything else you should know before buying? If there is, we will explain it.

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