[2023 Continuity Upgrade] Existing Continuity Buyers Should Still Be Able to Get in on the Action!

Receive Over $3,469 in Additional Resources, DFY Leads and Training for only $597!  This offer is only available to OA Challenge graduates for the next week.

Things You Had But Want More!

These are things that either expired or you can't have too much of. 

OA Hunt

$75 Value

2 Weeks of Premium OA Leads from OA Hunt

  • $5+ Profit Per Lead - Every lead will be at least $5 per profit but most lists average close to $6 per lead.
  • 8 Leads Per Day - That's their sweet spot for quality without saturation. 
  • 30%+ ROI - Each lead will give you a minimum of 35% return on your investment. List averages close to 60% or MORE on most days
  • 15+ Sales Per Month and 15 or less FBA Sellers- All leads are estimated to sell AT LEAST 15 times per month. We try to keep this closer to 20+. Each lead will also have less than 15 FBA sellers currently on the listing
  • IP Claim Safe - Each lead is checked for known IP complaints using IP ALERT chrome extension.

$1,188 Value

12 Months of OA Challenge VIP Group

Get 1 full year of our monthly membership program. If you've already joined the program, your fees are waived!

Remember, this means you will get FREE ACCESS to all live OA Challenge sessions for the entire year. Not discounted, straight up free.


$499 Value

90 Days Voxer Access to Chris Grant

Connect directly to Chris via this convenient messaging app. Ask him questions about products, shipping or anything relevant to your online arbitrage business.

$1999 Value

365 Days of Suspension Support

If your Amazon account becomes suspended, we help you handle your case!

Things Our New Bundle Has That the Old One Didn't

This is the big reason we are doing this side bundle. We didn't want to offer things to new students that we didn't offer to you.

Keepa Academy Mockup

$297 Value

Keepa Academy (Lifetime Access)

The only tool we like as much as Tactical Arbitrage is Keepa, and this program teaches you EVERYTHING you need to become a pro at it fast. 

OA Buddy

$199 Value

OA Buddy Chrome Extension (Lifetime Access)

A major OA headache is being blacklisted by retailers and having orders cancelled. OA Buddy helps you avoid both of these with deep insights into 240+ of the major online retailers we source from. See things like how many units you can purchase without triggering restrictions, which retailers or reseller friendly and more!

Hustle Buddies

$ Insane Value (lol)

30% off All Hustle Buddies Courses

We are MASSIVE fans of Nathan Jackson and his thriving Hustle Buddies community. He's extended a 30% discount to all of our continuity buyers on any of his programs for life.  Their courses include (1) Replen workshop**  (2) Mastering Q4 workshop (3) Kohls flipping masterclass (4) Grocery dive. 

**This one is our favorite of their programs 

Things You Already Have (Don't Expire)

Here are products that you already have access to as a past continuity buyer.

Things You Already Have (As a Past Buyer)

  • IP Alert (Lifetime License) + IP Alert (Lifetime VA License)
  • ASIN Gadget (Lifetime License)
  • Tactical Academy (Lifetime Access)
  • 100 X-Path Add-Ons
  • VA Placement Access

Don't Miss Your Chance! Get More Training, Leads and Tools for Just $597!

Total Value = $3,469

You Pay = $597!

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100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you regret this amazing bundle, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase.