Getting Started with OA VA Placement

Congratulations on choosing to hire an online arbitrage sourcing assistant! We've partnered with VAPlacement.com to ensure you have the best virtual assistants at the best possible prices. 

Here is everything you'll need to know to get started and to ensure that you have the best possible experience..


Your virtual assistants will still require your training and support. We provide them with all of our training materials but they will be learning on the job with each client. If this isn't what you're looking for, please don't proceed with this process. You truly get out what you put in with this process.

Please follow the next steps

Step 1.

Sign up for an account at VAPlacement.com. You will need to sign VA Placement Client Agreement and set up a payment method.

Note: You will NOT pay until your VA performs work. You will have all additional fees (monthly membership and onboarding fees) waived 

Step 2.

Wait 1-2 business days for an email from info@vaplacement.com with steps on how to sign the client agreement and provide your payment information.

Step 3.

Once you have completed the requirements, wait 1-2 business days for a VA to be assigned to you and introduced via email.

Step 4.

Next we need to get the password, license keys  and/or username access to all of the sourcing tools you want your virtual assistant to use.  This includes but is not limited to...

  • Tactical Arbitrage
  • Keepa
  • IP Alert

We highly recommend using LastPass for this and not giving the actual username and password out to your team. Please watch the video below to see how it works. 

Step 5.

Look for a BaseCamp invitation.

All clients and VAs can communicate with us inside Basecamp. You'll be added once you've completed all onboarding and hiring steps. 


How should I communicate with my va?

You're welcome to communicate with your VA through whichever medium is most comfortable. Email, Slack etc. Just be sure that you're on the same page with the VA and they understand exactly how to contact you and when you expect them to be available to reply to your messages.

Who should I contact with questions or concerns?

Please contact info@vaplacement.com with any questions regarding your virtual assistant.  Do not contact Christopher Grant or the OA Challenge team after your VA has been onboarded. All support is completed by the VA Placement team. This includes billing, VA replacement and anything in between.

What should I expect from my virtual assistant?

Your virtual assistant will be extremely helpful, but don't expect them to move mountains right out of the gate. Please allow at least 2 weeks of sourcing time to get a good idea of whether your VA is a good fit or not. 

In terms of expectations, we recommend that you see your sourcing assistant in terms of ROI with 100% ROI being the bare minimum.

How much return of investment are you seeing from the hours the VA is paid?

Example: You pay 20 hours per week a $5/hour so you've paid $100. If the VA has driven $100 in profit, you have a 100% ROI (which is what we suggest at the minimum). 

Don't expect to purchase every lead that your VA provides you with. What matters is how much the good leads make for you. We don't focus on "how many leads per hour" did they VA send. All that matters is the net profit and ROI at the end.

How can I get the best results from my virtual assistant?

With virtual assistants (or any employee) you truly get out what you put in. The more you work with your VA early on, the better your results will be in the long run. Here are some best practices...

  • Make it clear what you expect from the assistant. What net profit minimums are you looking for? What categories can't you sell in? Etc. Make sure that any possible question is answered. 
  • Give constant feedback. Feedback is critical to grooming your assistant for long term success. If they do something well, let them know. If they make a mistake, let them know. The more feedback you give, the better your results will be. 
  • Be respectful and kind. This is not only a requirement for anyone using VAPlacement.com, but it's also important to building a great, long term relationship with your assistant.