No, You're Not the Only One Who Is Overwhelmed by Keepa!

Keepa is the most important tool Amazon sellers use. It deserves a deep understanding. Enroll now to get just that. Take our quiz if you want a discount!

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Selling on Amazon Is Hard and Keepa Is Overwhelming...We Fix That!

Keepa is the most important software that an Amazon seller can have in their toolbox.

Don't take my word for it, I asked in my public Facebook group and 58% of the 290 sellers who answered said it was the most important tool that they pay for in their Amazon business.

Amazon Sellers Using Keepa (1)

Most sellers use it, but few are actually even scratching the surface of what they can do with it.

Yes, even 7, 8 or 9 figure sellers are leaving money on the table and making poor buying decisions because they don't fully grasp the potential of Keepa.

Look, you landed on this page for a reason.

  • You want to become a better Amazon seller.
  • You want to find more products and make more money..
  • You want to STOP making bad buying decisions that are costing you time, energy and money.

Keepa is the tool that is going to do all of that for you. That is, of course, if you take the time to actually learn it. And if you learn it the right way, from someone who truly understands Keepa and all of its potential.

So, we want to challenge you to invest in yourself. 

How valuable would it be to your business to learn how to leverage Keepa? More than $297? The answer is yes...

Don't sell yourself or your business short by not diving deep into Keepa with us. 

The investment of your time, money and focus to complete this program will pay off for you for as along as you sell on Amazon. 

If not, you don't pay. Period.

Don't Waste Another Minute or Dollar on Methods That Don't Work. Invest Time Working On Your Amazon Business, Not Just In It!

Keepa Academy is your fastest path to online arbitrage success. Stop wasting time and money by selling another day without utilizing Keepa to its fullest potential. 

Here's what you'll be getting when you enroll and complete the program.

  • You'll be able to finally make sense of complex history graphs and read them quickly and easily.
  • You'll see an immediate increase in your product sourcing confidence knowing that you know how to accurately predict future sales trends.
  • You'll understand how to read seasonal trends so you can jump in on budding opportunities before your competitors even realize they exist.
  • You'll have a complete understanding of the buy box and know how to better avoid price tanking and wasted inventory costs.
  • You'll finally (actually) understand sales rank and what it means for your business. Most sellers don't actually grasp the concept as well as they think they do!
  • You'll have dialed in the proper Keepa settings for peak sourcing.
  • You'll have a holistic understanding of every facet of Keepa from the browser, desktop and mobile app.
  • You'll learn how to spy on your competitors and export massive lists of ASINs for sourcing leads.
  • You'll know how to identify items that are priced so low on Amazon that you can flip them BACK on Amazon at a profit (and how to do it without getting in trouble).
  • You'll learn how to set “deal traps” to fuel your inbox with a nonstop stream of new leads every day.
  • You'll understand international arbitrage and how you can flip products across marketplaces.

What Is Keepa Academy?

Keepa Academy Mockup

Keepa Academy is an easy to follow online program that covers all the key elements of using the most powerful tool at an Amazon seller's disposal, Keepa. The course is pre-recorded so you can take it at your own pace.  

Watch a Demo Lesson!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

Video Modules 

All modules are pre-recorded and available on-demand. The videos are over the shoulder screen recordings that call out all key areas of Keepa in a way that is easy to follow.

Insane Attention to Detail

We went to tremendous lengths to record and edit the videos in the program in a way that is easy to follow. This involves callouts, arrows, pop ups and anything that we felt made confusing things easier to understand!

Lesson Summaries

You'll have access to written summaries of each module. In these you'll have screenshots, likes to relevant resources and easy access to key takeaways.

Action Assignments

This program only has value if you act on the things we teach. So, when applicable, we give you homework for practicing the things you're learning. 

Keepa Academy Final Exam

See what you've learned and what you need to go back and review with our highly detailed final exam. Yes, we know exams aren't in the spirit of entrepreneurship, but we promise, this is wildly helpful in the learning process!

Here Are the Modules Inside


What Is Keepa

This program leaves no stone left unturned, and it starts with the absolute basics. Yes, experience sellers may skip this lesson if they'd like :)


Dialing in Your Settings

Most sellers have their Keepa settings running haphazardly and without purpose. Chris Grant explains the settings and provides his recommended setting configuration and why he has them set up how he does.


History Graph 101

The first time I ever looked at a Keepa graph, I felt like I needed a high level degree to understand what I was looking at. This module breaks down the historical graphs and makes sense of the chaos. Chris also provides his recommended graph settings.


Sales Rank Misconceptions

You might think you understand sales rank, but this module might make you rethink everything you thought you knew. Sellers are consistently making bad buying decisions or passing on good ones because they don't understand sales rank well enough. This module makes sure that doesn't keep happening to you. 


Understanding Sub-Category Rankings 

You know that sales rank is important, but many sellers are thrown for a loop because they misunderstand how sub-category rankings work. That will never be you again after watching this module.


Understanding Offer Count, Reviews and Ratings

Keepa gives up a lot of information that most sellers don't understand how they pertain to making money. This module explains how offer counts, reviews and ratings are used to make the best buying decisions possible. The coolest lesson here is how to predict sales on items that don't have a sales rank (low hanging fruit much)?


Statistics, Community & International Arbitrage

Learn about the lesser known Keepa functions like statistics and community tracking. You'll also learn about international arbitrage and how you can find out if there are potential cross-marketplace flip opportunities.


Tracking Products with the Keepa Extension

If we could let everyone in the world watch one module, it would be this one. Why? Because it shows you tricks for how to always find the lowest price on anything on Amazon. This is great for flips but a nice byproduct will be you will never overpay for stuff you buy for yourself or others ever again.


International Prices Deep Dive

We go deeper into the art of international arbitrage and spotting potential cross marketplace flips. 


Keepa Data Product Details

Uncover the deep data on every ASIN on Amazon. Dozens of data points and product specifications that are hidden below the surface of Amazon's default pages. 


Keepa Data Offers

See the history of all offers across any ASIN. Learn how to configure and filter the offer data into a way that makes it all actionable. 


Buy Box Statistics

The buy box makes up 85% of all sales on Amazon, so we need to know how it works, who owns it and why. This lesson shows you how to see the buy box history so you can better predict what prices you'll need to list your items at to sell as quickly as you want.


Keepa Variatons

Variations throw a wrench into everything. This lesson gives you the tools to make sense of the data and contort it in a way that we can actually understand which variations are selling and at what prices. 


Keepa Graph Menu Items

The subtle items that most users probably don't even notice. We noticed and share some things here about them. 


Keepa.Com Website Introduction

The courses focuses on the on-page browser aspect of Keepa for the first half of the program. This chapter introduces students to the website and it's functionality before diving in deeper in the next videos. 


Keepa.Com Deals

Filters and functions from one of the coolest areas of all of Keepa. Learn how to filter your data in a way that makes it easy to find potential leads.


Anatomy of Amazon to Amazon Flips

One beauty of Keepa is its ability to sniff out items we can buy on Amazon low and sell back on Amazon high. This video dives deeper into what those look like and how to find them yourself. 


Keepa.com Tracking Overview

Understand how to view, sort, and analyze all the products you're tracking with the Keepa web app. 


Keepa.Com Apps

Very short overview of the browser and mobile apps available.


Keepa Product Finder

The longest video of the course, this dives into how we can use our own parameters to filter through the millions of ASINs Amazon tracks and easily find 100s of items at a time that we can consider sourcing.


Keepa Product Finder Examples

Chris shows real world usage of the Keepa product finder along with 4 types of searches that sellers can start with.


Keepa Product Viewer

Learn how to upload your own ASINs, UPCs or EANs to review.


Keepa Product Best Sellers

Chris explains the product best seller's page and how we can leverage it (with emphasis on seasonality).


Keepa Top Seller List

Chris teaches about his "shotgun method of reverse search sourcing." You'll learn everything except how to say "shotgun method of reverse search sourcing" 10x fast!


Keepa Category Tree

Understand the vast amount of categories and subcategories and how we can use them to our benefit. 


Info, Comment and Search

Putting a bow on the program, this chapter will show you how to get answers to any future Keepa related questions fast.

About Chris Grant

Chris has been selling on Amazon since 2014 and is regarded as one of the best instructors in the Amazon community. His speciality is online arbitrage and 1,000s of students have enrolled and completed his program OAchallenge.com and/or Tactical Academy. 

Although Chris always touches on Keepa related content in his arbitrage focused programs, Keepa Academy is his deep dive into the program from A-Z, leaving no stone left unturned.

Chris Grant

Get answers to all the questions you were afraid to ask (or just didn't know you didn't know)!

Answers to Keepa Questions
  • How do I know if something is actually selling?
  • How can I predict what the buy box price will be going forward?
  • How can I minimize my risk of making costly sourcing mistakes?
  • What does sales rank actually show (almost everyone gets this wrong).
  • How can I tell which variations of an item are selling?
  • What if an item doesn’t have a sales rank?

Here’s what people are saying about the course

It would be irresponsible to just take our word that this challenge is amazing. So, listen to what some of our graduates are saying!

Chris Green

Author of "Online Arbitrage"

Chris Grant is literally the hands-down MASTER of understanding Keepa data and reading Keepa graphs...

"When I wrote the book Online Arbitrage, I thought I knew everything there was to know about how to use Keepa data for sourcing inventory to sell on Amazon, but Christopher Grant has shown me mind-blowing things that sellers can do with Keepa that I had never heard of or seen before. Chris Grant is literally the hands-down MASTER of understanding Keepa data and reading Keepa graphs."

Derek Lee Testimonial

Derek Lee

I've been using Keepa for 5 years and I still learned several things...

"Keepa Academy is what we've needed since the dawn of Keepa. It's an extremely thorough and well-designed course that's easy to follow along. I've been using Keepa for 5 years and I still learned things I didn't know about. This is an investment you won't regret."

Chris Racic

OA Leads 24/7

Chris will unlock so much value from the tool...

Even if you think you know Keepa, Chris will unlock so much value from the tool, it will blow you away. If it isn't considered your most valuable tool yet, it will be when Chris is done with you.

Sara testimonial

Sara Gillikin

Raiken Profits

Chris showed me that there's so much more to Keepa than the graphs!

"This course is a deep dive into Keepa features I didn't know existed! I thought I had a pretty good grasp on Keepa by reading the graphs, but the Keepa Academy has taught me more about product information and storefront stalking than I ever thought was possible. Chris showed me that there's so much more to Keepa than the graphs!

Steve Raiken Testimonial

Steve Raiken

Raiken Profits

I've been selling on Amazon for 8 years and thought I knew everything that had to do with Keepa until I went through Keepa Academy...

It's not only about finding items that are profitable, you need to be sure that you're pricing items correctly and that they're going to sell in a timely manner. Keepa Academy will teach you what you need to know to make those things happen. I've been selling on Amazon for 8 years and thought I knew everything that had to do with Keepa until I went through Keepa Academy.




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
3X split payment


107 x 3

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied with the program, simply email us at support@oachallenge.com and you'll receive a no questions asked refund! 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an experienced seller. Is this for me?

Absolutely! This program is beneficial to sellers of every range of experience. Yes, even you 7, 8 and 9 figure sellers will learn some new things about Keepa. 

I'm a brand new seller. Is this for me?

It is absolutely for you. New sellers need to understand Keepa in order to succeed on Amazon. This program will guide you through the entire software and is delivered in a way that won't be overwhelming, even if its your first time even hearing about Keepa.

We suggest that you at least have your Amazon storefront set up already, but other than that, this program is for everyone.

Do I need to buy anything else to get value from this program?

About half of what we cover is available in the free Keepa plan. We do not receive any sort of commission for recommending it, but we HIGHLY recommend that all sellers have a premium Keepa account. This will cost you less than $20/month and is invaluable to your business success, whether or not you take this program. 

How does this compare to the OA Challenge?

The OA Challenge is Chris Grant's most popular training program and it is NOT a pre-requisite or direct alternative to Keepa Academy. It is available 3-4x per year and is also sold as replays. That program covers a holistic approach to online arbitrage. It covers Keepa for 2 days, but it does not go nearly into the depth that Keepa Academy does. If you purchased an OA Challenge or OA Challenge replay previously, you will receive a coupon for $50 off your purchase of Keepa Academy as a thank you!

Is this a live program like the OA Challenge?

It is not live. Keepa Academy is pre-recorded and available to take whenever you want, for life. We recommend consuming it with the same intensity and timeline that you would take the OA Challenge, but it is not required.

What if I'm not satisfied with the program?

You can receive a no questions asked refund any time within 30 days of purchase. We don't want to get paid if you don't get value. 

Is this program only for online arbtrage?

Nope. Although Chris Grant is an arbitrage seller primarily himself and speaks mostly from the perspective of an arbitrage seller, the concepts in this program are applicable to any type of Amazon seller. 

I am outside the US, is this program for me?

Yes! You can still get the full value from this course. Keepa works across 12 different marketplaces and what we teach can be implemented the same in all of them. The only true potential barrier is that the course is in English. We do plan on eventually having it translated into various languages hopefully soon. 




  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
3X split payment


107 x 3

  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


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Keepa Academy is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Keepa.com. This is an independent program that teaches how to use the program to its maximum potential, but it not in any way connected to the Keepa, LLC. Do not contact Keepa.com with questions regarding this program or its contents. Contact Support@oachallenge.com instead.