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Tactical Keepa Moves

Keepa Is the Most Powerful Tool for Amazon Sellers....... Our SOPs Are Your Cheat Code to Them

1,000s of students have successfully completed our training programs. Wholesale Challenge, OA Challenge, Keepa Academy, Tactical Academy and the Amazon to Amazon Flips Challenge.

The most important tool that we teach AND mention in every training program is Keepa. 

Keepa is powerful, but it can be confusing. So, we made it easy with step by step tutorials of every imaginable process.

These SOPs make complex concepts easy to understand and tactics easy to implement. It's like having the answers to your final exams!

Don't wait. Get our Keepa SOPs for you and your team today.

Here Are Some Awesome Benefits of Our SOP Library!

New SOPs Added Regularly!

Things change and new tactics emerge. This is a living and breathing database of SOPs that we maintain, grow and optimize regularly. 

Share with Your Entire Team

One purchase can and should be used with your entire team! Train your team quickly and give them the resources they need to get answers without bothering you!

Request Custom SOPs

Members can ask for custom SOPs to be added at anytime. 

Lifetime Access (No Rebill)

Pay once and access forever. No subscription or rebills (ever).

Community Engagement 

You can add comments and questions directly to your SOPs and submit your own to be reviewed and added to our database!

SOPs Created and Vetted by Experts

You can trust the information you'll get in these SOPs. These are created and vetted by the same people who brought you trusted programs like Keepa Academy and OA Challenge.

These Aren't Your Grandpa's SOPs!

Our SOPs are made to drive actual results.

  • They are full of images that make concepts clear
  • They have clickable links to useful resources mentioned
  • They include explanations behind the steps and why they work
  • They have commenting enabled, so you can ask questions directly on the document
  • They are "live" links, so when something changes, the SOPs change!

These are more than SOPs, they're a powerful tool for training yourself and your team on the methods that work right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Share These SOPs with My VAs?

Of course! That is the biggest value in these SOPs, helping train the people that work for you. You'll just need to give them the log-in credentials to your SOP portal area. 

Is This the Same As Keepa Academy?

Keepa Academy is a video based course. Although the same methods are taught, the SOPs are step by step tutorials built from screenshots and text, not videos. We recommend both the Academy and the SOPs for maximum Keepa success. 

What Type of Seller Would Benefit from These SOPs?

Every seller can benefit from mastering Keepa. Whether you are an arbitrage seller (online or retail), wholesaler, private label seller or some combination of them all, you will get value in our Keepa SOPs.

With that being said, arbitrage sellers will find the most value in our SOPs. 100% of the SOPs are applicable to this model whereas wholesale and private label sellers will have several SOPs that aren't relevant to them. 

Do I Need to Buy Anything Else to Make This Work for Me?

Most of the SOPs require a paid Keepa membership. We recommend this to all sellers, regardless of whether they purchase these SOPs or not.

What Is the Refund Policy?

Since this is a digital product, there are no refunds unfortunately after purchase. 

Here's an Example of What Our SOPs Look Like!

Take the Guess Work out of Your Sourcing! 

We've covered dozens of hours of tactics. You won't remember them all and it's a pain to try and locate them. Do yourself (and your business) a favor and grab your SOPs!

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Keepa Academy is NOT affiliated or endorsed by Keepa.com. This is an independent program that teaches how to use the program to its maximum potential, but it not in any way connected to the Keepa, LLC. Do not contact Keepa.com with questions regarding this program or its contents. Contact Support@oachallenge.com instead.