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Join Our Private Community of Arbitrage Sellers and OA Challenge Alumni!


Do you want to grow your Amazon FBA business month after month with the help of the most knowledgeable people in the arbitrage business and a massive community (over 600 members strong) of like-minded sellers?

The program gives you access to...

  • All future OA Challenge Live Trainings (we do at least 3 per year)
  • Access to private community of like-minded sellers
  • Weekly office hours hosted by Christopher Grant
  • Weekly Keepa Lists (Top ASINS in every category)
  • Exclusive webinars with special guests
  • And more!

This offer is too good to need a fancy sales page with endless explanations of why this is a no brainer for your business.

So, in the words of Forrest Gump, "that's all I've got to say about that."

I love your coaching style! You’re very calm. You explain things slowly and efficiently! I also love the fact that you care very much about what you teach! 

Becky K

VIP Member

I've been selling on Amazon for a few years now and have been part of several different seller and mastermind groups over the years. Some have been free, others paid, all have offered some level of value. I want you to know that none have come close to offering the value you and your VIP group bring to the table. Whether it's a newbie question from a beginner or something much more in depth from a veteran the wealth of knowledge and everyone's willingness to help each other out is just outstanding. Thanks for all you do.

John K

John K

VIP Member

Sales testimonial

Because of your tireless patience and this community you have created, hurdles like these become much easier. Here is the impact you have had on me. $25k May. Can't thank you enough!


VIP member

Sales Testimonials

Hit $5k in sales in less than 2 months. I would assume that's pretty darn good. I know I ask a lot of questions (some of them might even be dumb) but I'm learning and growing everyday. You are all awesome and I appreciate your support!


VIP Member


Where is the group hosted?

Members can communicate with Christopher and other members via our private Discord server or Facebook group. 

We also send updates to all members via email. 

What If I'm an Experienced Seller? Is This a Waste of Time?

We have students of all experience levels!

What Is the Time Commitment?

You can spend as much or as little time in the community as you'd like. Although we do host live events, anything that is live is recorded and saved our VIP archives. 

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We offer a 7 day refund policy from time of purchase.