OAC + TA Live Sourcing Event

LIVE Sourcing Competition Sponsored by Tactical Arbitrage 


Cash Prizes for Top 3 Competitors!

2nd Place

$500 Cash Prizes

3rd place

$250 Cash Prizes

  • Starts: May 24th at 6 PM EST (live show for 90 minutes)
  • Ends: May 26th at 6 PM EST (live show for 60 minutes after sharing leaders)
  • Where: Streamed over social media. Registrants will receive links and reminders before the live show.
  • Who Is It For: Anyone who does online arbitrage, but particularly anyone who uses Tactical Arbitrage. You do NOT have to compete to attend. Most attendees will be spectators.
  • How Do I Register: Attendees sign up below.
  • Why Can't I Miss This: Tons of prizes for competitors AND live attendees. Everyone will come away from the event knowing much more about Tactical Arbitrage and how to use it to make more on Amazon. 

Sign Up Below to get alerted when we go live AND be sure you're registered for the door prizes and special giveaways.

I want to compete for the grand prizes!
I will just be watching and learning!


Answers to possible questions you might have.

Do I have to compete?

No! You're welcome to if you want to be entered to win the biggest prizes, but we want as many users to come and watch the pros do their thing.

Do attendees see all of the leads?

We offer "bonus points" to competitors who showcase their leads and how they found them. This is totally optional. If you have a honey pot that you don't want to share, that's totally fine. We also suggest that if leads are shown, attendees use discretion and common sense and avoid purchasing items that 100s of other sellers are seeing. 

How is the competition scored?

We have a panel of online arbitrage experts who will be the official judge. The leads will be scored based on profitability as well as other factors such as risk and estimated sales velocity. 

Each competitor can submit 2 leads. The top 3 submissions will win prizes. 

Will there be a replay?

Yes, we will upload a replay version of this event to YouTube. It will be trimmed for relevance (no need to make replayers watch the contest drawings etc.). HOWEVER only live attendees who have registered are eligible for the door prizes.

Why is it a 2 day event?

Finding the most leads and with the highest quality with Tactical Arbitrage requires multiple scans. Scans can take time so we are giving everyone 48 hours to find leads and submit them. 

  • Rule #1 All leads must be found within the 24 hour window starting on May 24th 2024 at 6 PM EST and ending on May 26th at 6 PM EST. Scans can be verified on the Tactical Arbitrage server side if deemed necessary. The winner will have their scans verified for legitimacy.
  • Rule #2 Points are measured in anticipated 90 day net profits. There are no limitations on margins, net profit or sales rank. 
  • Rule #3 All leads must be found using one Tactical Arbitrage account. Leads found from 3rd party lists or from the help of other sellers are strictly prohibited. You can have a team sourcing but you need to use the same account. 
  • Rule #4 Leads do not need to be shared publicly but competitors who are willing to share their leads will receive bonus prizes. Leads must be validated first. 
  • Rule #5 Products must be free from known IP claims. We use IP Alert to validate this but the final discretion is by the judges. To maintain fairness, even if a seller is approved for a specific brand, these brands will not be allowed. 
  • Rule #6 Gated categories are allowed.  To maintain fairness,  all competitors can submit gated categories whether or not they are approved in them. 
  • Rule #7 Profit estimates are made by the judges and we assume that the market behavior matches Q1-Q2. This means seasonal items will be treated accordingly and all items must sell within 90 days of purchase.
  • Rule #8 3rd party Chrome extensions are permitted for use. This includes tools like IP Alert, Tactical Bucket and Tactical Expander.
  • ***All rules are subject to change.***