Enrollment for the live OA Challenge is officially open! We start on Monday, February 8th. Here's why you need to seriously consider joining!

Reason #1 Q1 Is a Perfect Time to Focus on Learning

The 4th quarter is an insane time of the year and taking a 14 day challenge in the middle of it isn't ideal.

There's simply no better time though than Q1 to invest in your education and learn the skills that will have an impact on every future quarter of your career as an Amazon seller. 

Reason #2 Retail Arbitrage Isn't As Feasible As Past Years

We absolutely love retail arbitrage but the sad reality is that due to the pandemic, it's not the same in 2021 as it was in 2019. 

It's more difficult to get into stores and when you do, inventory available is much different than years past as retailers are still focusing on the essential inventory items and aren't restocking other less essential items as quickly as normal. This means fewer clearance rack buys and easy flips than normal. 

The leads haven't disappeared though. These items are all still being manufactured and the demand has only risen. To get our hands on them though, we need to go online. This program shows you how to do that. 

Reason #3 The Skills You Learn Will Apply as You Expand into Other Sourcing Methods Like Wholesale and Private Label

Yes, online arbitrage is the core of the program but much of what we teach applies to any Amazon selling method. 

We should you how to...

  • Leverage Keepa to find opportunities
  • Use tools that can help you analyze wholesale lists 
  • Understand proper pricing strategies to prevent the inevitable race to the bottom.
  • And so much more!

We recommend that as you grow you expand into as many sourcing mediums as you can/want to and this program gives you the skills that will translate well as you do that.

Reason #4 It's Not Just for Beginners

The Online Arbitrage Challenge is far from a newbie focused course. It benefits sellers of all experience levels. Whether it's your first week or 10th year, there is plenty for you to learn in this program. 

I can't stress enough, this is for everyone and is not another regurgitation of the free stuff you can find inside Amazon or on other blogs and YouTube. 

This is not just another course.


OAC Alumni Session #2

"I've been selling on Amazon for a few years and have taken more than a few courses. Most were okay and provided value but nothing even close to the OA Challenge. Chris Grant knocks it out of the park! So much good material and many discounts and bonuses. Chris is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher."

Reason #5 The Bonus Stack Alone Is Worth More Than the Price Tag

We wanted to make this program a no brainer investment in your future, so we sweetened the pot tremendously. 

In addition to the 2 weeks of training, you'll be getting...

  • Online Arbitrage 2020 Physical Book
  • The Ultimate Prep Center Guide
  • revROI (Lifetime Access)
  • OA Highlight (Lifetime Access)
  • 30-Day Keepa Trial
  • 30-Day Scanpower Pro Trial
  • 14-Day FREE Trial to Tactical Arbitrage
  • Grocery Ungating Guide
  • Topical Ungating Guide
  • Does it Melt Extension (Lifetime Access)

Again, we wanted to make this offer an easy decision. 

Reason #6 Get Answers to Your Specific Questions in Real Time!

We hate the idea of video/text only training. 

We want our students to be fully involved and engaged. This means we answer questions both in the live videos and in the group posts and comments. 

If you have a specific question or concern that will impact your Q4 sales, we will help you find the answer!

Join the Online Arbitrage Challenge Today

We start Monday February 8th! All sessions are recorded and you can ask anything 24/7.